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This chemistry research guide is your gateway to the most relevant research materials you need. Research tools are arranged by category and can be accessed by selecting from the tabs above.

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How to find information quickly and efficiently

Here are a few suggestions:

a.  Define specific objectives:  what exactly are you looking for?  are you interested in the subject in general or in a specific aspect?  (e.g. are you interested in the studies of the chemistry of resins, or specifically epoxy resins?  Perhaps you are looking for something more specific - epoxy resins containing polyimides?).

b.  Decide which time period should be covered by your search: the current year?, the last five years? and how soon you need this information.

c.  Which sources are going to be most relevant? should you start your search using a general source such as Scifinder Scholar, or a more selective one such as Beilstein? You may need to start with a highly specialized source such as a guide to NMR specta of polymers.


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